This legacy web site is no longer updated but will remain online for the foreseeable future. UUhistle is not being actively supported or developed. Successor systems include Jsvee and Kelmu.

Using HTTP POST to Submit Solutions

UUhistle can submit learners' answers to exercises via HTTP POST to a server. This can be useful for grading or logging purposes.

For POSTing to work, the submit type setting must be set to POST either in the course config file or, if using UUhistle in applet form, in the applet parameters.

The server should respond with the text OK if successful. If UUhistle doesn't get this response, it shows an error message to the user. If the server rejects the submission, it should respond with the text ERROR. A more detailed error message (which will be shown to the user) can also be included using a vertical bar like this: ERROR¦Incorrect user ID!

A POST request from UUhistle always contains the following parameters (key-value pairs). Some of them may have empty values when not applicable.

Parameter Explanation
course_idA course identifier. See applet parameters.
exercise_idAn exercise identifier. Taken from the course config file, if one is used.
feedbackWritten feedback from the user. (UUhistle prompts for feedback upon submission.)
max_pointsMaximum points of this exercise. Taken from the course config file, if one is used.
pointsUser's points of this submission. Calculated by UUhistle. Grading schemes can be fine-tuned in the course config file.
sequenceA full list of the execution steps between loading and submitting.
systemVersion information: UUhistle, Java runtime and OS.
total_timeTotal time in seconds between loading and submitting the exercise.
user_idA value that identifies the user (student). Taken from the applet parameters when available. When not, UUhistle prompts the user for an ID.